US Astronaut: Billy Meier UFO Photos “Absolutely authentic”

Real scientific experts undo the decades of damage, defamation and disinformation from the skeptics

自我拆除怀疑论者之间的区别,Michael Shermer*那andreal scientific expertsis that they possess the requisite technical expertise that neither Shermer nor any of the skeptics do.

Thanks to another military investigator, we were directed to an old video interview, from 1995, with宇航员戈登•库珀,谁是飞行员Mercury-Atlas 9 and Gemini 5missions. Cooper was no stranger tophotographyand said the investigators brought him Billy Meier’s UFO photos (see5.8.:20):

“I saw the pictures the day after the investigative team went to Switzerland. I know the investigative team very well. They came to my home to show me all their pictures. Very fine, very fine, they were absolutely authentic. And yet the whole world is trying their best to make them out to be fake.”

That “whole world” of course includes the cultic phonies in The Church of Skeptology, like Shermer, who glibly dismissed Meier’s independently authenticated UFO photos as “models a child could make”, without having ever actually analyzed evenoneof Meier’s 1,200+ UFO photos.

Gordon Cooper stating that Meier’s photos were “very fine” and “absolutely authentic”, carries far more weight than when a skeptic – withnoexperience in photo analysis – makes snide comments in order to bolster his ego…and suppress the truth that threatens his own unscientific beliefs and prejudices.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper’s Message to the UN

(感谢David Kamada为此信息)

库珀不是唯一支持梅尔的UFO照片的真实性的航空航天专业人员。另见迈克尔马林,大卫弗雷宁,罗伯特邮政等科学专家评论here那as well as by NASA aerospace engineerMatthew Wieczkiewicz,USAF OSI /国家调查员主管Joe Tyskand theoriginal photo analysis

*The blog in which Shermer exposed his ineptitude, biases, evasive tactics, non-responsiveness to direct questions, unsubstantiated disparaging remarks towards Meier, as well as against Francisco Villate and Chris Lock, was sent to national and international skeptics and skeptical organizations. To date, not a one of them responded, neither to defend Shermer, nor to respond to, contradict, or criticize the information submitted to Shermer for his comments, etc.

Cowardice and outright dishonesty have been emblematic of the skeptics since I first began challenging them, in2001年。Additionally, skeptic Derek Bartholomaus went even further, going so far as to抄袭-steal –the theyfly online brand in a blatant and unashamed effort to mislead people.

See also:


奇异的Billy Meier UFO案例亚博捕鱼技巧

Thanks to Tao Istok for the film clip of Gordon Cooper.

Meier超过1,200人,预先数字时代UFO照片,1975 - 1981年:


Two of Meier’s UFO photos taken frominsidethe craft:

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这难以置信。Gordon Cooper是原来的水星宇航员(Apollo计划的前身),以及使用美国宇航局的最佳飞行员之一。1985年,他向联合国致辞寄给了这封信,向地球参观了地球(见: Of course, I had no idea he was aware of the Meier case.
在他的信息中,Gordon Cooper写道,我引用“我相信外星车辆和他们的船员正在访问这个星球。我们可能首先向他们展示我们学会了如何通过和平方式而不是战争来解决我们的问题,然后在我们被接受为完全合格的普遍团队成员之前。他们的接受将有巨大的可能性在所有领域推动世界。“


谢谢你的大卫。我将其添加到Chris Lock覆盖此博客页面的FB页面。


Just shared this on my FB page, Michael, with this comment:

Thank you, Gordon Cooper. Shermer’s production of kiddie toy UFOs, on the other hand, avoids any attempt at getting to the truth behind the best UFO photos and hence the truth behind those UFOs. Anyone who chooses poor quality photos rather than the best to do their research is either not a true investigator or not interested in getting to the truth. A scientist or researcher always takes the best samples on which to perform their tests. Poor quality belongs in the garbage can. It’s that simple. One has to ask whether the abject reticence or refusal to investigate the best examples of UFO photos which give cast-iron evidence, as can be seen in our books They Are Here and Researching Real UFO, evinces a clear decision to not look through the telescope to see the truth and to avoid the truth at all costs.

Jumping on the Musky “We’re all becoming cyborgs” bandwagon is likewise easily dismissed by anyone troubling themselves to think over what really constitutes a creative and willful human being, and also by those who read George Gilder’s Life After Google or view his recent LondonReal appearance, both of which astutely deconstructs the Musky Dystopian Robotic Rule of the future. Surely people see through this childishness and mechanized dystopian shortsightedness. Machines by definition do not have the consciousness, will, intelligence, or creativity, that power the dynamo of civilization. AI is by definition an “artificial” intelligence.

BTW I have no interest in debating anything with Shermer.

Terry Carch

We are human beings who have emotions and feelings that AIs dont have on Earth. Neather does Trump and his disgusting thugs and handlers who dont care a fig about life on Earth! I am a human being with aches, pains, feelings and a short life span why must I live and die without ever knowing,seeing, hearing the voices of our warm caring friends from Erra in the plejaren Fedetaion? In the next dimension there wiklkl be NO more Planet Earth to even think about because Earth we be GONE AND DEAD!!! Think about that and I`ll be gone too!!!

Tim Thomas

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Terry.


For the same reasons.

It’s nothing personal.

Al Jedd

When trying to explain to people the authenticity of Billy’s work, the prophecies, predictions and the posted date of the blogs, including Gordon Coopers comments. It might be worth showing them the historical aspect regrading ufo’s .
你可能会发现,他们暂时无言而喻。 -cercly-show-ufos/

I wonder which one(s) were Billy’s incarnations:)
I enjoyed all the recent pod casts, many thanks for all your work.


Screenshot_2020-08-24 14th April 1561 The Nuremberg Celestial Phenomenon - YouTube.png
Melissa Osaki.

I find those old historic paintings to be very interesting as well as the cave paintings from thousands of years ago. You’ll find them in countries on every continent. Some depict star systems, UFO’s and modern day flying machines like helicopters and airplanes.

It’s all very fascinating and makes me contemplate the mysteries of our past.

Chuck Torbyn

I’m puzzled. On the one hand we have all this historical UFO referencing, but one the other hand I seem to read MH saying there’s NOTHING to all this modern sighting by very credible people, even abductions, except man made craft. Where DID that advanced knowledge come from? NOT other aliens?

Melissa Osaki.

Hi Chuck,

Can you point me to where Michaal has said that there wasn’t anything to it?


There has no doubt been sightings throughout the anthropological and historical time periods, but we should consider, or contemplate, why that may be. Various human evolutionary periods would also play a role in why certain things happened at certain times.

Chuck Torbyn

Hi Melissa. Actually I came across some conversations between Billy and Ptaah in which they mention the man-based nature of all these UFO sightings and such. The problem for me is things like Colonel Phil Corso’s book, the crop circles like the one at Chilboten Observatory, the Betty and Barney Hill experience, the website, and all the tens of thousands of similar things and sightings now and in the past which apparently the P’s are not responsible for. Even if you believe we’ve developed advanced technologies since 1947, it doesn’t explain it all. Realize, Billy is recognized as the only officially public contactee. That leaves a lot of room for other stuff going on, and let’s face it, many people are not going to be able to handle even that. Perhaps we are just being protected from the full truth. Don’t forget, even Ptaah admits even they are vulnerable to negative influences. How delicate does that makes us, or how tough?

Melissa Osaki.

Hi Chuck,

I think these are things that we have to work out on our own. Many people struggle with some of the information in the case, but that’s why it’s constantly repeated that we must study the spiritual teaching and learn how to use logic and reason. It’s hard to explain, but the more you study, the better you get at recognizing the truth and seeing the hogwash for what it is. There’s no doubt been some things that we don’t know about and the Plejaren leave much room for contemplation, but there’s a reason for that. They want us to figure it out.

你是对的,许多人不能to handle the information in this case. The religious thinking is too powerful on planet Earth. The Plejaren have a reason why they don’t tell us everything, and probably some really important things, and that’s because they don’t want to appear as gods this time around. Instead, they openly show their weaknesses and vulnerabilities because, after all, they are human just like us. I hate to call people stupid, but we really have a stupid problem on our world. Folks are stupid and easily manipulated by belief systems and other humans. It will take a long time to sort everything out. In the meantime, it’s best to work on our own cognition’s and thinking.

Al Jedd

Hi Thank you for the picture, that one is new to me, I can add it to my collection.

This article from New Scientist shows that similar symbols, were used in different parts of the world. It looks like some connectivity between the humans, thousands of years ago and/or human devolution.

Billy’s work sheds light on some of these mysteries.


Melissa Osaki.

Hi Al,


Jim Portillo