Billy Meier Predicted: Civil War in America 2020

In less than two minutes, all skeptical attacks, denial and disinformation are forever demolished

This short clip from the award-winning 2014 film,?他们听呢?,presents Billy Meier’s specific, prophetic information about the civil wars in, and breakup of, America, already clearly in evidence and, ironically, at the same time demolishes the deceitful and malicious skeptical attacks on his authenticity and accuracy.

By misdirecting and lying to the public, the campaign of disinformation, conducted for decades by the various skeptics, and the charlatans and profiteers in the UFO community, has extracted a high toll, preventing many people from knowing and being able to utilize Meier’s information about coming events…such as those now upon us.

Please feel free to share this irrefutable evidence with friends, family and anyone interested in the truth.

While it’s unfortunate that the impeccable, ironclad accuracy of Meier’s prophecies and predictions is evidenced by the very anarchy, chaos and violence he foretold, the time is now to study the spiritual teaching and begin to forge the life and destiny you prefer.

Build your library…for the coming times:

The Goblet of the Truth, The Might of the Thoughts,The Way to Live & The Meier Contacts


47 Replies to “Billy Meier Predicted: Civil War in America 2020”

  1. folks i believe in the creative forces. Our universe is built from this creative force as all scientist know. Creation is happening all the time in the vacuum of space. Meirs aliens know this. I don’t trust them Billy. If they really liked each and every one of us? Then why not show them selves to us all. If they are concerned about over population! Then help us. Off planet us! Why watch us innocent one die? No Billy I think their not really here to help but to deceive you and all of us. Prove it all to me Billy. I’m an old soul that could handle it. Send them to visit me or invite me to come visit them.

    1. 法案,

      It’s hard to believe that you really want them aliens to visit you! Help them out, please provide your…ADDRESS!

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting.


    2. 这是一个什么样的错误与世界一个很好的例子。没有人愿意把在工作中帮助自己。该Plejaren给我们如何帮助自己的详细信息,但这么多太愚蠢和懒惰做任何事情。他们想要的一切交给他们的银盘,如果他们没有得到他们的方式,他们哭,呜呜声和断别人的玩具。我们只是从几十年的坏和零为人父母,我们的领导的彻底失败和简单化向下的教育体系应当教人如何为自己着想的看到成果。相反,他们教他们怎么想,怎么想的,谁如果有人认为自己以后去。


    3. Giorgio Tsoukalos of History Channel fame says they probably just want to take all our gold. Like liberal Democrats, there is usually an ulterior motive.

          1. But was that the essence of the claim, that the aliens, aka Plejaren, want to steal our gold? I’m just trying to understand what you meant by, “Like liberal Democrats, there is usually an ulterior motive”. Thanks.

            1. 乔治是一个有点小丑的,是有些模因。远古外星人一系列从一个怪诞的前提去野生切线在10分钟内最薄的证据支持我看过一个节目的问题。历史频道发现了一个娱乐市场做出煽情的程序几乎没有susbstance和早已倾倒在纪录片,值得生产方式之前远古外星人增光人们的起居室任何企图。有几个情节,其相互矛盾外来理论所以最好用一些爆米花等着点缀在展会的热闹衬里观看。“金”的插曲,如果我记得正确的从那里Stitchen的工作和帆过深结建立关一两行字。没有的迈耶在远古外星人的东西提,这就是好了把阶级参与内容创作行为。


              1. 感谢您的澄清,斯内德。我还没有有线电视在10年以上,所以当人们开始谈论电视节目我迷路。我以前喜欢看历史和科学的通道,但我注意到在很久以前,他们走下坡路。莎乐美。

      1. Nicotiana,

        ALL politics is about taking advantage, gaining power over others, etc. Politics makes people stupid ( and so long as people use that mechanism to relate to – and try to assert control over – others, we will have conflicts. Essentially, it’s anti-life and evolution, as it keeps people in that mindset and they aren’t motivated to develop communication as people of equal value.

  2. Gov Northam is going to take down some of the confederate monuments in Richmond, Virginia. Oh boy, this is going to piss off a lot people here. The good ol’ boys and their confederate flags, I fear, may cause some problems due to this. I hope I am wrong about that, but I know how touchy they are about those statues. This just makes me feel like right and left are going to go at it and people are so heavily armed here. It is making me feel like a powder keg is going to explode and I don’t want to be in the middle of it. I am worried about around election time and regardless if Trump gets in again or does not, I just don’t see things working out amicably. Just doing a wait and see.


  3. 现在内战?我不这么认为。这内乱则呈现出不小心缺乏社会疏远的和掩模由参与者佩戴。在大约一个星期或两个,我怀疑他们中的很多与他们弱小的免疫系统,将开始生病与冠状病毒,这将是他们的“起义”除了年底,特朗普被大幅度从他“使用了军方的支持下最近”的豪言壮语。他现在的行为,军工集团昨天给了他一个很好的打屁股。

  4. More Chance of Race war than a Civil war.
    Just look at what’s going on around us in America

    法案,it seems no Alternative thinking is allowed here
    No Free Speech, so please stick to Meiers Word
    it’s all in the book apparently (Sarcastic Smile)

    Melissa, it is interesting that you say “Schools don’t teach people how to think” what the hell happened to
    ” You can educate a fool but can’t teach him how to think ”
    It’s impossible to teach anyone how to think even if you was humanity’s best teacher….all you can do is Brainwash people with the Truth or Untruth and then you aren’t being taught how to think…you just have the right information.

    My Opinion and My Opinion Only..
    Meier has Zero right calling people (Brain) disabled amputees when he is one.

    1. 嗯,我看到无处不言论自由。难道我们不允许言论自由呢?

      You totally misconstrued what I said so no point in arguing with you about it. Enjoy your free speech…while you still can.

  5. Sorry I’m getting late to the party, Bill can you give me one example of information offered to Billy by the Plajeran that was aimed at hurting humanity. In my life experience one truth is people with power will always abuse it at any cost to humanity for their own personal gain. if that was the aim of the Plajeran, they could just take it, who’s going to stop them. It doesn’t make sense Bill. As for James Ashton, free speech exists, but whoever coined the phrase “I’m entitled to my own opinion” was completely wrong. Most people that use that argument are the ones who speak without the facts. The uneducated, so maybe people need to grow a brain cell and wake up. Maybe you need to understand the meaning of Civil War. Be it race or religious, within the borders of a single country. It’s considered a civil war.

  6. “In this way, many countries will become puppet states of America before reason and realisation will emerge in the responsible ones of governments and in many of the population, resulting in a turning away from the USA. However, the great war will hardly be avoidable because the human beings of Earth will probably not accept the directions towards the better, therewith towards true love, true freedom and real peace, striving instead only towards wealth, pleasure and riches and for all manner of material values and unrestricted power. Thus, huge and deadly formations of tanks will roll across the countries while fighter planes and rockets sweep through the air and bring death, ruin, destruction and annihilation to countries and people.”

    Even with a great turning away from the US, the HP suggests people the world over won’t change their behavior and a possibility of that Great conflict erupting. I would like to think the suggestions the P’s gave Billy for the US to shift more towards a restrained foreign policy approach was in a way to circumvent a sudden and total collapse as the US as a super power which also effects the global economy which all these nations cross-depend on one another for things like food.


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