迈克尔喇叭生活,EP 32

  • Personal Self-Responsibility vs Cryptic Conspiracies & Nose Rings
  • Time, Black Holes, Gravity and Time Travel
  • 最高法院,流产和精神教学
  • Crystal Meth Warning in 1958
  • Harry Lear采访:Apophis&Pi

迈克尔喇叭生活,EP 32

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific

Personal Self-Responsibility vs Cryptic Conspiracies & Nose Rings

You might wonder how thisexcellent videois connected to the above title, as well as to亚博捕鱼技巧比利梅尔的信息, from October 2017, and theHenoch Prophecies。调整找出。

Time, Black Holes, Gravity and Time Travel

Todd suggests that the information in本文, regarding new discoveries pertaining to how the brain functions, relates to information told to Meier by his teacher, Sfath, in1947。Notice that the translation also includes information about “dark and enormous space wanderers with great gravitational force”.


Looking at a complex issue in light of the spiritual teaching.

Billy Meier Regarding Crystal Meth…in 1958 :

68.) The bodies of the people will be destroyed by drugs and addiction and towards the beginning of the Third Millennium a dangerous new drug with the name crystal will cause a furor amongst addicted people whose faces and bodies will be furrowed and ruined within a few months, and aged in such a way as if the addicted were monsters a hundred years old.


Harry Lear采访:Apophis&Pi

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Beyond 2020: The Future of America & the World

Regardingnew problems with Brexit,正如我所说的那样2016:

“In light of Brexit, the power-hungry bureaucrats will still try to usurp total power and control, so vigilance and determination must be maintained and their efforts defeated.”



“迈克尔霍伊是世界上的世界领先的专家。”George Noory, Coast to Coast, July 4, 2018

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)

(Also a version of Michael Horn)

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Terry Carch

Hi everyone here is a very important article i just found and read from counterpunch.org 7/16/18 that ties in with Billy Meier `s predictions. “Undermining Trump-Putin Summit Means Promoting War by Dave Lindorff I was satching Channel 4 WNBC when between 10:30 and 11 am I just happened to be watching the summit meeting between Trump and Putin which I personally trhought went well since we all know by now that we better learn to get along with Russia otherthwise we will end up with a nuclear war. That is why Trump won the 2016 election because Hillary Clinton want to go to war with Russia which Billy predicted in his Prophecies and Predictions. I also sent an email to my other organization wespac foundation on this same article too. Please check and read this article becuse this article ties in with what Billy said about Russia and the U.S. “MUST learn to co-operate and get along or else we will be nothing but toast etc!!!”

Luis Sanchez

I was just pondering after reading an article on women embracing their grey hair…but more interestingly also…women who dye there hair grey trend as well.

I sense, it’s women’s inclinations on the unknown effects of “Gene Grey” (the effects of the original genetic alterations).

Sheila Clark

I’ve never heard of “Gene Grey” before Luis, so I’ve obviously never heard it associated with genetic manipulation. Do you have a link to the CR or teaching?

Melissa Osaki

Luis, please elaborate on what you are talking about and/or post a link if it’s something you read in the contact reports. Thanks.

Luis Sanchez

“Gene grey”…is what I personally call the effects of “the genetic alterations” (meaning the one effect being accelerated aging).

The article I was referring was An article online (the contemporary trend of women “greying” their hair is well known)


Melissa Osaki

I see what you mean, Luis, thanks.

I think a lot of women, men too, don’t like to appear old when they are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. As for the ones who dye their hair grey, I would assume that’s just like any other trend. Some folks think it’s cool to have grey hair, similar to blue, pink or purple. Not only is this partially caused by the genetic manipulation, but also by the stress and chaos of this planet.

Jeremia’s predictions:

当先知的新时代已经来临,然后the human beings on earth will become as numerous as ants in an anthill. And if a stick is driven into the colony, then they will run around, and trample and grind each other to death like annoying vermin. And human beings will mill around like confused insects, and large groups of them will drift from one location to the other, either keen to travel, or fleeing from war, death and terror. The races of human beings will intermingle unbridled and breed human beings of mixed blood. Thus many diseases, epidemics and all kinds of human ills, as well as vices and malice will spread around the world. Some god cults will lure the believers of other cults, or mix among each other. God cults and their hierarchies, as well as their rulers and believers will preach and promise freedom, love and peace, yet everywhere their talk will be lies and deception, for in their hearts they are only out for hatred and revenge, retaliation, robbery, pillage and plunder. The god cults and their believers will become enemies and wage war against each other. Human beings will go beyond all boundaries; and the young will have grey hair just like the old. The human being will abandon the path of nature, and families will be torn asunder. They will scatter all over the world, and they will no longer be able to unite. The world will be completely different in the new time, and the human being will be without security and support. Without real guidance, the human being will go off in all directions, and evoke upon himself misfortune upon misfortune. And he will no longer have stability, and will be in danger of falling into an abyss, at which edge he is constantly standing.

Luis Sanchez

611th Contact, Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, 22:09
“ great philosophers knew about the might of the music and its influence on the society, this both in relation to the rise and also to the downfall of civilizations”

This is just my opinion, but if the world wants to know contemporarily IF the downfall of civilization is looming, it would best and or advantageous to know what type(s) of music/ or music playlist(s) the heads state(s) including all branches of government(s) are listening to, in other words know what’s form(s) of music weather negitive or positive is likened to by the heads of state(s) and all branches of government(s). The public as all right to know what type of music is preferred/or desired to listened, because it clearly according the plejarens has measurable effect(s) on civilization(s)


Andrew Grimshaw

Researchers Find Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death, Surpassing Heart Disease and Cancer

“So the researchers, using data from 2009 (the latest year for which all the relevant information is available), considered abortion among other causes of death. They found that induced abortion was by far the leading cause of death (1.152 million deaths), easily surpassing heart disease (599,413 deaths) and cancer (567,628 deaths) and accounting for 32.1 percent of all deaths that year. Disturbingly, among African Americans, abortions made up 61.1 percent of total deaths; among Hispanics, they accounted for 64 percent.”

We could triple the effect this has on keeping the population down by aborting the parents too! Too soon?

Kendal Greerhausen

Better that those who…

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